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The brand "Silvana", always appreciated and recognized as a synonym for creativity, professionality and refinement in pure italian style , signs high fashion for a woman and a man who want to stand out and who are looking for high quality products and at the same time young, vanguard, and also with custom details.

Our stylist Silvana, with her strong personality, her artistic talent and her high experience, draws with passion wonderful contemporary creations, perfect for every occasion.

Together with her daughter Natalina, marketing manager, we work day by day to bring forth a brand that is a synonym for safety of quality and high professionality.

The choice of refined materials top-quality, natural, study of young lines, practical but also exclusive, the tailoring which unites tradition and innovation, the addition of unique details, embroideries, inlays, paintings, leads to make products glamorous and original, all exclusively produced in Italy - Veneto.

ATELIER SILVANA The company was founded in 1979 by stylist Silvana De Luca,

creating, with her outstanding creativity,

very original clothes and high quality for the most affluent customers.

In the years she has distinguished herself with her high fashion collections in various events, including international ones, such as participation in the Venice Biennale, in abroad fairs and in various splendid Venetian villas, as well as a showroom openings in various tourist areas.

In December 2014 there was the first presentation of high fashion in the prestigious Cortina d'Ampezzo.

Our History

Creativity and   Quality made in Italy
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