Because Happiness is Absolute

for the Most Important Day

Romantic or gritty, the bride "Silvana" is always a woman who wants to bring out her personality.

The lines of Silvana wedding dresses are characterized by a great refinement, the extraordinary profusion of precious fabrics that meet the most beautiful embroideries, floral decorations and many details and accessories harmonized with each other with skill and refinement.

You will be offered a valuable personal advice in the choice of the dress also made based on your personality, physicality and type of marriage.

In our elegant atelier each model is accompanied by the right range of accessories that will be recommended by the expert and courteous staff for a total look extraordinarily cared.

Collections by Silvana and prestigious brands carefully selected for quality and style.

In addition, it also provides a real global image consultancy, as well as indications on the rules of etiquette.

Services alongside wedding planner, clothes cleaning.


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I vostri ringraziamenti, le vostre emozioni sono la nostra più grande soddisfazione.

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Via Risorgimento, 15

S.S. 51 Alemagna - dir. Vittorio Veneto

31020 San Vendemiano (Treviso)

Tel    +39.0438.402.884

Mobile +39.335.80.25.331



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Lunedì          Aperto solo su Appuntamento

Martedì, Giovedì, Venerdì      9 00 - 12 30  

                                                   15 30 - 19 30

Mercoledì, Sabato                 11 00 - 19 00  

                                              orario continuato


Lunedì          Aperto solo su Appuntamento

Martedì, Giovedì, Venerdì      9 00 - 12 30  

                                                   15 00 - 19 00

Mercoledì, Sabato                 10 00 - 18 00  

                                              orario continuato


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